CPU thermal paste

Item No.: CTG8E(4g)
CTG8 is a high-performance thermal conductive silicone grease, which is mainly suitable for computer game players. It has ultra-high thermal conductivity, excellent smearability and service life. After years of market test, the stability of the product ha
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Thermal grease is kind of uniform pasty substance which composes thermally conductive filler,high-temperature synthetic oil,stabilizer and additive. The color is white and grey . It is used in the place between the heating element and cooling device.The radiator needs mechanical immobilization.The obviously advantage is its price and easy to repair.It can wet the heat sink and the device surface,reduce the thermal resistance contacting,so its suitable for large power cooling device.

Technical Specification
Model Color Conductivity (W/m-k) Density (g/ml) Vicosity (mPa.s) Thermal Impendance ( ℃-in²/W ) Electrically Conductive Operating Temperature
CTG8 Grey 12.8 2.8 85000 0.112 No -50~250 Negotiable

Testing Result

It is widely used in various electronic products, and the contact surface between the heating element and the heat radiating device in the electrical equipment
It is used in the contact surface between the radiator of the LED lamp and the PCB. Suitable for SMD and COB lamp
CPU, power amplifier, thermistor, power module, etc.

Using Guide

Our Tester


① Please note that the thickness of the thermal grease will affect the efficiency of heat conduction, so please coat moderate quantity on the objects surface., and the thinner, the better
② Keep away from children
③ If contact with the skin, wipe clean, and then rinse with water; if contact with eyes, immediately wash with water, and go to the hospital to check


①  Syringe
②  MIni Bag
③  Glass bottle or Plastic bottle
Customized special

Storage And Transport

① This product should be stored in a dry, cool place, avoid rain, sun exposure, storage period of 24 months25℃). During storage,a small amount of silicone oil may outflow, and this is a normal state, does not affect the use of results. If necessary, should be used after mixing evenly.
② Such products are non hazardous and can be transported in general chemicals